More than one person may have been affected in the occurrence. Severity is based on the most severely injured person. The number of injured or exposed persons is also recorded as fatal and non-fatal totals.

  • Fatal – one or more persons fatally injured.
  • Hospitalization – one or more persons were hospitalized at least overnight but none fatally injured.
  • Medical care – one or more persons treated and released but none hospitalized overnight. This classification includes reports of persons transported for care, and persons who self-transported to medical care offsite.
  • First aid – one or more persons received first aid performed by first aid personnel, but the person was not transported or referred to hospital or medical clinic offsite.
  • Comfort onsite – one or more persons received comfort onsite (which may have bene provided in the first aid facility) but comforts limited to rest and provide material for self-administered treatments such as bandages, analgesics, ice packs. If treatment was performed by first aid staff, such as wash and dress wound, then classify as first aid.
  • No known injury – no injury was mentioned.

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