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Sources included IAAPA News Daily, ITPS Leisure News, which link to regional, national, and international media, and cases appearing as “related news” internet links. This analysis included fatal and non-fatal injuries and no-injury accident events at attractions. Ride stoppage / evacuation cases were excluded as were reports from other attractions such as museums and zoos, and within parks related to non-ride related amenities such as retail, scenery, and transportation. Additional searches were performed as needed to clarify the nature of some reports. Additional headlines located for clarification purposes were also logged, but each event was tabulated once, regardless of the number of headlines about the same event.

As reporting is often incomplete, some clarifying comments may be found here, sometimes documenting implications left between the lines of the reports. However, the blog is not making allegations or providing evidence about any of these cases. 

Monthly highlights recap and provide links to cases. Quarterly recaps summarize the cases numerically. Highlights and recaps can be reached by scrolling or the menu at right can be used to select.

(Searchable database is suspended during pandemic.)

For Florida quarterly reports, refer to this link.

August 2021 Monthly Ride Report Recap

As amusement attraction attendance increases the number of people exposed to rides, we expect the number of media reports to increase. As of the last update, there were 10 included reports, plus three (3) excluded reports recapped, one stalled ride treated as “news”, and one previously un-recapped report from a prior period. 

Date of last update: 2 September 2021.

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June 2021 Monthly Ride Report Recap

The pandemic-suppressed operation of amusement attractions has in turn suppressed the occurrence of patron injuries, as reflected in media coverage. However, as attractions worldwide resume operations, the number of media-reported cases has slightly increased. There were 13 covered events from June and 5 reports from previous periods that had not been recapped.

Date of last update: 20 July 2021.

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A mountain coaster is not a “roller coaster”

The case of an injury on the Branson Coaster

Like many reports covered in the RRRR database, multiple media reports used imprecise terminology that has real implications for potential misunderstanding of hazards to the public. While it is understandable that a reporter may not know the difference when beginning to collect information for a report, it is irresponsible to be cavalier about terminology in the published version. Any hazards that may be implicated in this case have no relevance to “roller coasters”.

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